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automated container corporation

Foil membrane ends from Automated Container

Customize your package with our foil membrane closures


Automated Container’s foil membrane ends are lightweight, peelable and smooth. The easy, one-piece opening has no sharp edges, so cuts are a thing of the past.

Automated Container’s foil membrane ends applications include:

  • Non-processed foods such as snacks
  • Foil membrane ends for nuts
  • Powdered beverage cans with foil ends
  • Coffee and tea containers
  • Infant formula containers with foil membrane ends
  • Soup and sauce mixes, noodles and rice, spices
  • Pet food and treats
  • Non-food products

EZ Open and Foil Membrane ends are tamper resistant and provide an air-tight seal. Automated Container ends and closures can be used on any package or sold directly to other metal, plastic or paperboard can manufacturers and packers.

Advantages of Automated Container foil membrane ends

  • No sharp edges
  • Suitable for processed and non-processed food
  • Provide instant evidence of tampering 
  • Variety of diameters from 211 (65mm) to 603 (153mm)
  • For use on round cans or shaped containers
  • Printed or emboss caps and ends to reinforce the brand or marketing messages
  • Attach coupons or gifts promotions

Contact Automated Container today and check out our selection of foil membrane ends.




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