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automated container corporation

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Incorporated more than 20 years ago, Automated Container was founded to serve the can making and packaging industries for the supply and support of easy-open ends.  Since that time these components have remained our sales and technical focus.

Originally offering only aluminum, safety protected, easy-open ends, our product line has been ever expanding in the number of diameters offered and the styles and applications available.  Currently diameters from 201.5 (51mm) to 603 (189mm) and beyond are available off the shelf, as well as specialized pour spout designs and partial aperture ends in various diameters.

Meanwhile, Automated Container track record of partnering with customers to develop new products was most recently demonstrated by the development of our latest addition, the 502 diameter DOUBLEGUARD™ end.  This end was developed in conjunction with a major producer of infant formula in the international marketplace.  Steel processable, foil peel, aluminum easy-open and even sanitary ends are all available from our company.

Recent improvements, including automatic machine inspection of critical characteristics, insure that our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Automated Container works with all can makers, manufacturers and packers, big or small to ensure their requirements are serviced promptly and efficiently.  Minimum order quantities are designed to meet the requirements of virtually all applications.

Automated Container is not just a sales company.  Technical knowledge and hands-on experience provide the background of all of our sales professionals.  Our understanding of the processes involved in packaging applications and end manufacture assists our customers to receive the proper components suited to their specific applications.  Problem solving is greatly simplified.  If our staff does not know the answer, they know where to get it.

In a packaging environment with increasing demand for convenience packaging, Automated Container is an asset.  Put our experience to work for you.



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