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automated container corporation

Automated Container makes easy open
ends that insure consumer safety

Automated Container is proud to offer valuable
safety products to the canning industry

Read our Easy Open Ends Safety PDF

From our earliest beginnings in easy-open ends, we have been concerned about providing our customers with can ends which offer consumer safety. Our patented safety features offer protection against cut fingers. And we have developed production innovations which enable us to produce these ends at high volume, at low cost and with extreme precision. We offer proven products and the broadest experience based on the production of hundreds of millions of safety ends.

Automated Container offers easy open end safety options:

SAFERIM Ends to Protect Against Cut Fingers - The major safety concern with easy-open ends comes after cans are opened. When consumers reach into cans a sharp edge around the opening can be dangerous. On our SAFERIM® ends, this edge is folded so that no sharp metal edge is exposed. This means that the danger of cuts or scratches in extracting can contents is totally eliminated.

DOUBLESAFE Ends for the Ultimate in Safety - Our DOUBLESAFE end offers the ultimate in safety. Both the edge of the opening and the edge of the removed panel are folded so that no sharp metal edges are exposed. This product has been proven in a wide variety of filling operations with no problems.

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