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automated container corporation

Automated Container has the capacity
to meet your every can end need

We can meet your every can end need...
on time... with quality certified ends.

We never underestimate the critical need to meet every customer’s end requirements on time. When a canning or can-making operation is running, the ends required must be on hand or the consequences can be devastating.

That’s the reason behind our development of a completely integrated production operation. Now we offer five integrated lines which convert aluminum coils into completed ends at the rate of 500,000 per day per line. Each line can run a wide range of diameters and profiles.

Tools are given constant maintenance by skilled craftsmen to assure their ability to stand up to the demands of continuous high-speed can end production (400 ends per minute) combined with the need for extreme precision (score line tolerances of +/-.0005”) to produce quality ends.

Automated Container’s integrated production lines convert raw material to finished ends in twenty-five minutes with no hand movement of work-in-process.

Each line contains a double-die blanking press with curler, end-lining machine, forty feet of conveyer and a five-to seven-station conversion press complete with a seven-station tab die.


To assure constant availability of the right metals to produce every end, a computer-aided forecast of metal ends for five months out is done monthly. Then metal purchases are scheduled on the basis of that forecast. The result is that metal is always available so that ends can always be made as scheduled to meet customers’ needs. Further, our metal inventories enable us to respond promptly to your unforecasted needs in spite of the long lead times required for aluminum orders.

Contact Automated Container today and let our skilled craftsmen produce your can ends.





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