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automated container corporation

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Home For almost three decades, Automated Container has been the leader in safety protected aluminum easy open ends. Now, through our affiliation with various end manufacturers around the world, we can offer a much broader variety of ends.

About Incorporated in 1981 in Toledo Ohio, Automated Container was founded to serve the can making and packaging industries for the supply and support of easy-open ends. 

Products Automated Container works with all can makers, manufacturers and packers, big or small to ensure their requirements are serviced promptly and efficiently.  Minimum order quantities are designed to meet the requirements of virtually all applications.

Service Capacity We never underestimate the critical need to meet every customer’s end requirements on time. When a canning or can-making operation is running, the ends required must be on hand or the consequences can be devastating. We have the capacity to meet your can end requirements.

Safety From our earliest beginnings in easy-open ends, we have been concerned about providing our customers with can ends which offer consumer safety. Our patented safety features offer protection against cut fingers.

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Contact Safety protected aluminum easy open ends, steel and aluminum processable easy open ends, pour opening ends, sanitary and steel bottom ends, foil membrane ends and special shape ends. We can meet virtually any easy open end need except for packaging beer and carbonated beverages. Contact us today.




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