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automated container corporation

Automated Container has a wide range
of diameters available in steel bottom ends

We offer our customer’s competitively
priced sanitary and other plain bottom ends

Steel can ends are available in tinplate (ETP) and tin free steel (TFS). Endless applications exist for customers packing with these components. A perfect fit for our customers who are also using our convenience top features.

Steel bottom can ends are good for:

  • Sanitary ends for  meats, fish, and vegetables
  • Coffee
  • Chips, peanuts and other snacks
  • Assorted (food and non food) powdered products

Steel bottom ends are available in most standard diameters from 202 (52mm) to 603 (153mm).  These include, but are not limited to, the following sizes:

  • 202 (52mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 211 (65mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 300 (73mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 307 (83mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 401 (99mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 502 (127mm) Steel Bottoms
  • 603 (153mm) Steel Bottoms

We offer our customers competitively priced steel bottom ends and superior quality products together with exceptional customer service with the aim of becoming your "Supplier of Choice" for steel bottom ends.

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